You find yourself in an unfamiliar place, a haunted mansion. Trade items to Ratty in exchange for keys and make your way out of the Midnight Manor.

Find items based on Ratty's riddles to unlock the wooden double door in the corridor. Search areas with sparkles in various rooms. Make an incorrect guess and you have to hide from the ghost (while a loud noise plays). 3 incorrect guesses (or noises) and you to restart the level.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
AuthorsSpiRiTs, Iviqrr, Madeleine Chiodo
GenrePuzzle, Adventure
TagsPixel Art, Top-Down


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the game won't start properly for me :( it just briefly flashes the opening menu and then turns black

Strange! Are you running the game on a desktop computer?

Hi! I have played your game but found one fish 0-0 Which makes me wonder if there are more fish there and if they give something extra... or maybe it was just one of the items demanded by rat but I found it before it even asked for it...? Hopefully I'll get the answer

I liked the game, wish it was longer and more difficult lol. But it is wonderful for kids.

excellent !
(after I understood how it's played by checking the comments)
very suitable music; superb design; highly recommended !

Thank you! glad you tried it out :)

I need more instructions.

First, I walked out of a door straight into a ghosts viewcone. No way afaik to look outside the door.

Second, I found some shiny things but made too much noise apparantly.

I figured out what you're supposed to do but there really needs to be better instructions.

Thanks for the critique! Do you have any suggestions for how to display the instructions?  It would help is greatly for when we decide to implement an update. Thanks for playing though! 

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Just add some text to the game page here. Something like:

Find items based on Ratty's riddles. Search areas with sparkles. Incorrect guesses make noise. 3 noises and you have to restart the level.

I know it a game jam thing but even then, the game isn't fun.

Yeah cool. We'll makes some updates and refine it when we can. Thanks for the honest feedback!

Very nice!

Thanks a bunch! :)

Really good job with this game ! It's so funny, scary and cute in the same time ! 

Thank you!! :)))

This is so polished! Love the art. -- Don't press play too soon! The title theme is killer, and worth a listen.

Thank you! I wish I knew how to like this comment... 

Instead (for anyone viewing this comment), you can visit her page and check out the portfolio of games that she has uploaded!

Very cute, very clever. Cute and creepy!

(1 edit)

Thank you! We're happy that we could find a middle ground for cute and creepy. It's hard to do that!

This is a fun stealth puzzle game.

Thank you!! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)