GolfBomb is a simple game of destroying targets with a limited amount of bombs to gain access to the next stage. 

The Monkeys are invading and the only way to stop them is with bombs. Golf Bombs! Destroy them and their targets before running out of bombs and take back your home!

Left Mouse Button

- Click & Hold to move the camera around

- Click to take a shot and Click again to detonate the bomb early

When the bomb lands somewhere you have 5 seconds to take a another shot, each time the timer continues from where it left off.


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Golf 29 MB


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Love the game had fun!!The art is great so is the scene transition and sound effects absolutely loved it


haha had great fun!


super fun guys!! Everything is superb, especially the design. Great job!

Thanks Maddie! 


this has an old flash game's vibe, i really like that :) The first level with the monkeys is a bit too hard though


I designed that level, I think i'm sorry? hope you were able to get through it atleast ^^