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Excellent work!

HTML wont run? (Black screen)


Hello, runs fine for me, might take a while to load though. Game is quite sizable, I suggest downloading it for the smoothest experience.


It looks even better now with the end credits and that beautiful music playing... I hope you guys try to turn it into a full-scale game someday, because it has a lot of potential.

Hehe, thanks a lot, once again Kayonji


This is a nice feel-good experience. I quite enjoyed it from the art style, the music, and the platforming. Good work!

Thank you for playing! This was exactly thought to be experienced like that. A  little break from the tough as nails difficulty most games on Jam's have and also to relax exploring the environment. Glad you enjoyed it!


This is fantastic! I love the atmosphere and the music, and the game always felt intuitive and engaging. Congrats!


Great art and music, really nice game you made here.


I would love for this to become a full game and not just a 2 day game. Absolutely stunning the art and music is. The game play also out of the world. It fit the theme and was very similar to other games but was also special and unique in its own way. Good Job!!!

Thank you very much.


A short and sweet mini-metroidvania; I like this! ^_^

My main point of critique would be that the wall-jumping felt a little unresponsive to me, and thus a little harder to pull off than I might have liked. (From what I saw, it seemed that it only activated once an animation had played, and possibly required really pressing heavily into the wall; I think that I might have found it more intuitive if both--presuming that I have them correct--were relaxed.)

Still, overall the game was rather fun, and I enjoyed it. ^_^


feels like a mysterious, ancient land to explore. love your style!

Thanks! That was really what I wanted it to feel like! There was a bit of a problem with time, as you might imagine, drawing a 32 Layers Deep 1920 by 1080 picture as a Level in Pixel Art is... Kinda hard.


This art/animation is just phenomenal, and the power unlocks and exploration are great too, awesome work!  If I had to critique I would say some of the platforms blend into the background a little.

I wanted the Platforms to be part of the world and not just Float, I didn't pull it off quite well enough I think, thanks for your Feedback.